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Chasing poon and epic good times in Islamorada with Vern Olson, Bear Holeman, Paul Tejera, Greg Poland, Angie and Denise. And, did I stick my good buddy Vern with a barbed tarpon hook? Maybe….

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A glimpse of the Gulf – post Katrina, pre-BP. Monster Reds, awesome flyfishing, badass guides, great friends, and good times. May the Gulf, its natural resources, and the people who depend upon them recover quickly from the recent and unfathomable BP oil spill travesty/debacle . And, may the LA marsh and wetland finally be looked upon and treated as the national and global treasure that it is.

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There’s a video embedded in the post – really, there is. I can’t seem to make it show up here, but if you click the link for this post under “Recent Posts” it shows up there – really, it does. If someone can explain that one to me, I’m all ears.

Oh, and it would be cool if you went and bought the book… Angling the World, by Roy Tanami!

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OK – bunch of photos in the galleries now…. Go check em out… Leave a comment… stay tuned (like, bookmark this site)… more to follow… Right now though, its steelhead season…..

Gone Fishin.